High Heels

Women wearing high heels on street

To be honest, when I saw this women walking on Soi 24 after exiting Emporium Mall, I was certain she would go to Pink Massage shop and start her work. However, took a right turn before that and entered a new venue: Addict Massage BKK. Guess what: I followed and tried the new Addict place. More about my experience with photos in my next wordpress blog entry. See you soon 🙂


After long absense from Thailand’s capital, me and my friends returned for a visit to Soi 24. Pink massage Bangkok has more ladies than ever before. We asked to see lineup of available talents and their appearance in sailor uniform and highheels looks much more attractive than the old red schoolgirl uniforms. All three of us gentlemen were highly satisfied during two hours of service. BB looks stunning with her cute eyes and good traditional Thai theray skills. There is no need to try addict massage or Mango at this time 🙂 But it’s nearby just in case 🙂 Bangkok massage reviews help me a lot to pick my next place to visit.

This is one of the easiest to find oil massage shops in Bangkok. Once you enter Soi 24 from Sukhumvit make a left. There is a small square with many shops like Mango, Sakura, EZ,  and of course my favorite Pink Massage Bangkok.

Their sign is pink colored, it’s impossible to miss this fine place after exiting Emporium department store next by. Just wondering why the door boy always grins at me when I come and go with same destination. Who told him about this place?

sailor unifrom

Massage therapist in sailor uniform

What is so special about Pink Massage? One of the feaures I like in this establishment are their always changing and improving fashion and uniform ideas. Most employees are dressed in sailor uniforms for weeks before they change to college girl or nurse outfit. It makes this Bangkok MP so much more attractive. And the girls love it as much as customers from Japan and the rest of the world. It’s like coffee and milk. Both go together like black and white.

Welcome to my new WordPress blog. I am a Thai massage addict and a fan of Pink Massage in Bangkok. Pink is a very popular parlour located close by luxurious Emporium Mall where Sukhumvit Road and Soi 24 meet. It’s conveniently located across the street from the mall’s back entrance and it’s beauty department. They offer oil and lotion massage by trained therapists and Thai masseuse ladies for a fee of around 800 baht for 2 hours. While their rooms are small, many massage ladies are stunning and kind ladies who know how to please with a very special massage from noon until midnite every day. I will contribute more to my small blog in the future providing tou with more information about my fine experiences with Pu and Bebe. It’s always a delight to come and visit for a body rub. And if most therapists are busy, other shops are just next by like Mango Massage, Orient and EZ BKK.